Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why is Memphis such great city for Real Estate Investors? Read on....

If there is one thing I don’t want to be referred to as, it’s an expert. I prefer to be considered an experienced investor - not an expert investor. With hundreds of transactions under my belt and most of them in the Memphis, TN. investment real estate arena, I have learned a thing or two about the ins and outs of real estate. As an owner of Memphis Invest, I have had the pleasure of personally speaking with hundreds of investors around the country over the past few years and would like to think that I have gleaned a gem or two about what investors really want from those conversations. Those conversations helped mold Memphis Invest and our philosophy about investing into what it is today - THE premier real estate investing company in Memphis and the only one offering a truly hands-off, turn key alternative for real estate investors in Memphis.

Our philosophy was punctuated yesterday at the Urban Land Institute’s presentation of Emerging Trends for Real Estate in 2009 here in Memphis. While the overall picture of the real estate market was deemed precarious at best, the Memphis market remains one of the true bright spots in the real estate market. The ULI’s main focus was not on Memphis or residential real estate, but the panel that spoke after the presentation pointed out several facts that Memphis Invest has known about the residential investment market in Memphis and real estate investors for years.

1. Memphis continues on a steady growth cycle in both job creation, new development and property value. The metropolitan area does not take wild rises or dips in these areas - just fairly steady growth and slight dips.

2. Memphis is home to some of the country’s great corporations including, Federal Express, Autozone, Medtronic and International Paper. It’s central location also makes Memphis a great business hub for many small to medium sized companies. It’s easy access to rail lines, ports and world class airport make it the distribution capital of the country which means a continued supply of quality jobs.

3. Memphis ranks as one of the top “affordable” cities to live in in the country with the suburb of Bartlett, TN. recently being ranked as one of the top 100 suburbs in America. The cost of housing ranks among the most affordable in the nation and well below national average.

4. Vacancy rates continue to stay below the national average, while the percentage of Memphians renting their dwelling continues to eclipse the national average by almost 90%. With over 45% of the cities population renting, the opportunity to keep an investment property occupied with a quality tenant remains high.

The single biggest piece of information to come from the ULI’s presentation pertained to the way investors conduct their business in today’s market. It was clear that they wanted investors to know it was time to get back to basics and do business with proven companies. Building a strong team of advisors and companies to work with will be key in the coming years. Surrounding yourself with proven companies who have a history of success is paramount to the success of the individual investor.

Memphis Invest was built on the notion that investors need to surround themselves with quality proven individuals and companies. Being active investors ourselves, we knew the types of services and experience level that investors wanted to see in order to feel comfortable investing far from home. The owners of Memphis Invest have purchased hundreds of real estate investment properties for their own portfolios and assisted other investors in purchasing nearly 200 quality, discounted real estate investment properties in Memphis in 2008. Those properties provide monthly cash flow to those individual investors and are the backbone for their wealth building portfolios. By concentrating on the fundamentals of real estate investing and also the fundamentals of great customer service, Memphis Invest offers a true turn key option for real estate investing in Memphis. With a majority of our clients located outside the city of Memphis, sticking to those fundamentals has been the key to our success. Having that philosophy validated by what we saw from the ULI’s presentation on emerging trends makes our success that much sweeter.

Best of luck with all of your Real Estate investing endeavors in 2009.

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