Tuesday, December 2, 2008

8 Outstanding Properties - Great monthly CASH FLOW and EQUITY!

Memphis Invest continues to impress it's investor clients with fantastic opportunities in the Memphis, TN. investment real estate market.  With an approach centered on customer service and assistance with developing true Wealth Building portfolios, Memphis Invest strives to separate themselves from other similar operations located in Memphis.  "Every company has their own spin on what it means to offer great customer service" according to Kent Clothier" we just concentrate on actions rather than spin."  Those actions have led to an explosion in growth for the Memphis based family-owned investment company.  " This year, our growth has come from a tremendous outpouring of referrals from our clients nationwide. "  Those referrals have helped propel Memphis Invest into the #1 website for investors looking for a turn key approach to investment real estate in Memphis.  "We are building long-term relationships with our clients and by providing a truly turn key solution to investing in Memphis, we are also creating a simple to understand and easy to follow guide for first time or passive investors."  

With Memphis Invest closing in on 200 transactions for the 2008 year and customers doing the talking for them, who needs spin?  

Visit the Memphis Invest website at to get more details on the ease of getting started investing in Memphis and the great investment properties that offered in their turn key system.  You can also view available properties and research some of the facts that make Memphis such a great investment city.  You can also contact them directly at 1-877-773-9998 or locally at 1-901-751-7191.

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