Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Wholesales 108 Houses in 180 Days

Hundreds of real estate investors from around the country continue to praise and their turn-key approach to real estate investing. This approach to the business has allowed us to buy and sell over 100 houses in the first 180 days in 2008.

From the most seasoned investors to the newest investors, all are experiencing the peace of mind of purchasing cash-flow properties from Here's why:

The turn-key program handles every aspect of the transaction for the investor:

* Locating and purchasing of property
* Assisting in private money and hard money financing
* Providing of insurance agents, appraisers, pest control, etc.
* Closing attorneys and title agents
* Managing of rehab and repairs to property
* Locating, screening, and placing of tenants
* Property management and collecting of rents

To learn more visit: or call us at 1-877-773-9998
Memphis is the 17th largest city in the United States, with over 40% of the population renting. While other markets have experience huge price swings up and down, Memphis continues to experience slow and steady appreciation year end and year out. These factors with the addition of many others, have created the "perfect storm" for real estate investors to purchase quality cash flow properties in Memphis,Tennessee for long term wealth strategies.

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